Monday, June 4, 2007


Summer's almost here and I've got some really exciting things in the works. I've been home for a couple days which is really amazing and much needed. I've been getting some much needed sleep. I flew out to Vegas with the Gym Class Heroes for a party at Tao in Vegas for Heineken, as usual, the show was really great and fun, the crazy part about the whole thing, was that I was at home in Cali when I got the call to go out. I honestly thought for once that I was going to be having a nice quiet weekend at home and basically got the call and had fifteen minutes to get ready to fly out for the show. It was crazy and great and on top of seeing everyone that I met the last time we were all out there which was really great in itself, I got to see Matt from BPM for a bit.

I also just recently did a shoot for the folks over Vapors Magazine with Art Prostitute's Jeremy Kove. Jeremy has quite the art collection, I spent the whole afternoon there and there is still quite a bit more I need to see. I was quite astonished by some of the pieces I had there as well as his thoughts on particular artists and what up and comers he is currently interested in. While at Jeremy's pad, artists Tommii Lim who resides in the O.C. like myself and David Choong Lee of S.F. happened to stop by. It's defiantly a good day when you get to roll around with talent like that.

Dean Markley recently had a dinner that was really that I was really proud to be invited to. There were tons of really nice people that I got to meet and hang with, on top of hanging out with the always fantastic crew over at Dean Markley, we got to hang out with members of groups like Van Halen, Monster Magnet, Nos, and Foreigner just to name a few. Pretty crazy stuff. I really have to thank Randy Fuchs for getting me over to that party. He is seriously one of the best people.

Oh! If you are in West Hollywood, you for sure need to stop by the New Image Art Gallery and check out their new show called Brodeo. It features alot of great artist, one is a good friend of mine Kelsey Brookes who has some pretty rad shirts that were recently produced by RVCA. The show is really great, and it features guys like Dave Ellis, Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, the Date Farmers, and a bunch of other rad artists.