Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I pretty much was just booked for a gig in South Africa, just booked as in I was confirmed today and I'll be on a plane in a week.

With any travel like this you'll need to make sure to pack all the right gear (camera, batteries, and plenty of clean under wear and socks)make sure your passport and visa is in order, and you of course need to get your shots, and in this case, I was off to get my yellow fever vaccine. I'll
admit shots and things like that don't really bother me. Another thing was, that the doctor that administered it was not only confronting to me, but was kind of a babe as well, so
that totally made things a bit easier for me as well. What made the whole process a little crazy was that I was slammed in a bunch of meetings on this day, but it was the ONLY day I could go for the shots, since I was leaving in exactly a week for the job and that I was actually scheduled to be on a flight to Miami to work with my favorite Nappy Boy recording artist for a couple of days, doing some big things! I was fortunate enough to have the assistance of a pretty awesome production crew on this one, that was able to find me a doctor in Los Angeles willing to stay open a little longer and take me in as an immediate walk in, because I had meetings to be off to. Then on top of that I had to reschedule everything to be a little closer to me just so that I could make everything on time, because I had so much going on. I was a pretty fortunate guy that day, everything seemed to fall into place.

Being that this gig was quite and unexpected surprise, I decided to celebrate a little and pick up a something for myself from L.A.'s very own piece of hipster heaven on earth, Opening Ceremony. Even though I sound like I'm mocking it, stop by it believe it's a pretty accurate description of the place and I honestly love alot of the stuff there. I've actually been eyeing this pair of Timberland boots for and while and OC recently did a collab with Timberland and this particular model, so I figured why not just nab them for the trip, a totally justifiable expense if you ask me.

Monday, October 19, 2009


So earlier this morning I had to hop on a plane to make it out to pretty much my home away from home, Park City, Utah. Most photographers are pretty much LA/NY, or if you are of the smuttier breed, they Miami for sure (which I'll actually be heading off to in a few days for some work). But no, not me, I'm LA/PC ... kind of a strange combo, but I like it. Utah is a strange strange place is sort of an Eerie Indiana sort of way, and It'll probably be the birth place of the Apocalypse, so I'll probably have a front row seat!

Anyway, this lovely Impala, was one of the reasons why I flew out for the shoot, the other is a surprise, and should be ready in a moth or so. I have to thank Chris alot for being awesome guy and driving up a crazy mountain in this car and loaning it to me for the day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Recently LA/NY/NV/Gublerland resident MGG, or Matthew Gray Gubler, or The Gube, or what I prefer to call him Matthew put up this photo that I shot recently called "something wicked wobbles this way". How this photo came to be is quite a tale, one that I won't bore you with now. Its from this photo that he, and the other higher powers that be have granted me the title that I now don of "celebrated photographer" being bequeathed such an honor and a surprise, one thing I must say is that the nectar is so so sweet on this side.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here's a pic of me at work while doing a couple of gigs with long time cohorts The Gym Class Heroes, I have some pretty big surprises that I am working on with Travie, more on that really soon.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So the second most horrid of all holidays is almost upon us. The first going to of course the most wicked... Valentines day, no other holiday I know of makes most people feel like crap, most being of the single variety. But doomsday isn't upon us for another 4 months. So I am of course talking about All Hallows Eve that is coming our way. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing for this holiday, but I'm sure it'll be rather interesting. I have alot of prospects out there, but I'm not really the kind of person that likes to limit ones self.

I've participated in a slew of pre All Hallows Eve events in preparation for all of the dark festivities to come and things just keep getting better and better. I just wish October was a longer month, there are way too many things I wanna do.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Its official... I'm addicted, I just recently got an Iphone so that I would be able to make my business more efficient with all the social media marketing nonsense, which worked really great for a while, until of course I found out about all of the other lovely apps out there... Especially the games.

Anyone that really knows me knows how geeky I am especially when it comes to role playing games. Unfortunately for me, I discovered Dungeon Hunter, I think I am in love. this game is awesome and yes I am addicted I serious can't stop playing it and I have already beat it once... I need to get a life

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Favors from time to time are good things to have in your back pocket and well I think my buddy Jimbo Morgan was happy he had one to spare that I owed him. Jimbo recently asked me to shoot some of his Ski team for Skullcandy and well the way favors work, is regardless of if I want to I gotta do what I gotta do. Jimbo being the guy he is though never really makes me do anything I don't want to, and I know he know that I get along with his team just fine.

Anyway, here is Sammy Carlson in a pair of skullcrushers, showing off his love for fireworks and Skullcandy. Fortunately for everyone involved with this one I actually keep a fairly well stocked armory of firearms and fireworks, for you know... "just in case situations".

Monday, October 5, 2009


We spent this weekend shooting the commercial for the new LRG Iphone app that should be released later this week it should be as sweet as the birds we had on set.