Friday, March 20, 2009


Is it bad for me to admit that I don't always know where my photos are going to end up? This is really one of those cases. I shot this a while ago and a usual I totally forgot that I did this. thankfully my buddy Steven over at LRG reminded me about it and got this photo over to me of some of my handy work. I dunno what it is, but everything I see a car with a wrap or so photos that I shot on it I think its really funny. If I ever see one of these buses on the street I think I should take a brief ride in it just out of principal.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, lemme first say that I didn't take this picture, this was taken by a friend of mine named Laura Taylor and you can check out her stuff here. Its pretty rad and I am expecting big things from her. Anyway back to this picture, its of my current favorite person right now Kristen!, she hook it up for me recently in a big way! She's putting together an art show over at Barracuda in L.A. originally I think she approached me to put in some photos, but to be honest with you, I wasn't really into that idea, for various reasons. If you see me around sometime, ask me about it if you are wondering, but I don't really wanna
waste the space writing about it here.
Anyway, we talked a little bit, and I told here about a new little endeavor I had called chule and believe it or not, she went for it. Chule is a painting collaboration between myself and my friend Ray (ring boi) Young Chu. Here is an example of one of our paintings. I hope people like them. I can't believe how fast this is all coming together. Anyway Kristen was rad enough to take a chance and let Ray and I exhitbit. We are part of her group show over at Barracuda called All is Well. Hopefully you can make it out this friday, it should be pretty cool.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here is a little thing I shot a while back for The Street Fighter X Triumvir collabo. I never thought I would ever be a part of Street Fighter, in a wierd way, its kind of a dream come true. I am such a nerd its unbelieveable.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Is it possible to be so uncool that you become cool? That is the question that the experiment known as Toddland is trying to answer. Being that people always know I am always up for a good challenge I have been recruited into the troupe. Not that it was a really hard sale or anything. with informs that look like This or this and a mission statement that reads like this "

Based on the company modus operandi being “just make rad stuff”, Toddland has designed a cornucopia of men’s styles that, as they say, “they want to have, and more importantly want to give to their friends”. Inspired from everything they grew up with, the line is an array of everything from brightly colored track jackets, slim fit western shirts, vintage vacation photo tees, all the way to to a special limited edition one-piece jumpsuit.

Toddland believes that vintage is rad, but it’s a lot more rad without the butterfly collars, cigarette burns, and 30 year old patchouli scent. Plus vintage clothes could totally be haunted by their previous owners. Toddland brings you the same aesthetic as vintage, but with half the haunting and none of the mystery smells."

it wasn't hard at all. (it doesn't hurt either when Parker offers up my services with out me knowing either) Anyway, recently Todd, and Paul of Toddland, took myself and a small band of my merry men out to lovely Santa Monica to capture what they had going on over at the Class Trade Show. For sure be on the look out for more things from us and Toddland in the future, because I have seen the future, and I must say it looks pretty rad! Till then, I'm off for a little siesta!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Numbered ListSometimes while perusing the world wide web, I like most people stumble upon some pretty interesting things. I happened to be on David Choe's Blog the other day, something I use to check regularly, but due to the fact that I have been rediculously busy I haven't really been on the interweb all to much. Anyway, I dunno how he found this, but he has a picture of my buddy Ray (ringboi) Young Chu on his website with my Sound Eyes prints that his did and one of my collection cases.
I totally remember the day that Ray shot this and I actually remember yelling at him about it, because I knew that he was going to post it online somewhere and that you never know where the images would end up. (i'm a little crazy sometimes. I'm for sure not bummed about the end result more entertained than anything, but i'm sure Ray is.