Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So today was finally the launch of the new triumvir website that was set up by the 530 media lab. I recently shot their look book that should be out in a few weeks. You can see some samples of the photos I shot for them through out the site. It's going to be awesome! I've worked with triumvir quite a bit in the past, but this was the first time I got to work with the 530 Media Lab guys, and its been really cool. So cool in fact that we are currently working a new project that has really pushed both of us as business people as well as artists, I think the results will be stunning.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I drove out to Burbank to meet up with Fez and to check out some of the filming of the new Ya Boy music video, for his song Barbershop. He's currently on the top 3 most requested by Power 106. The gals from the group Dollhouse also stopped by which made the video shoot alot more fun to watch. The shoot was at the barbershop In the Cut which was pretty cool.

After getting lost a bunch of times, I finally found it. And I was actally pretty excited to find this little gem of a taco shop right next to it. now I have to admit, the tacos wern't really that great. It was the tables that they had out that were really awesome. I really have no idea where they would find these. Every table was the same to. Simply incredible!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


so, normally I would have a ton of pictures posted up here of all the things I'm up to, but I decided to ditch the Bum Squad Djz yacht party to head down to the San Diego Comic Convention. So Brad from Skullcandy needed a camera to take pics of the party so I gave him my little one that I normally take around with me in my pocket, so it kind of sucks I don't have too many pics from the Con, but I am really glad that I went, because I had a really great time. It took forever for me to drive out from OC, but it was really cool, because when I arrived I just happened to run into Krk Ryden and hid brother Mark Ryden . KRK and Mark are both incredible artists. I've known KRK for quite some time and it was really great seeing him there. He actually has a show coming up in a couple of months in So. Cal that sounds pretty impressive and should have some pretty awesome special guests in attendance.

After my brief meeting with KRK and Mark I met up with Jeremy Kove of Munson Industries and Mars-1 . I've been familiar with Mars's work for a while now, but I've never met him before, so it was really cool of Jeremy to introduce us. After a while we went out to grab lunch with Gary from destructo where I ended up grabbing a ten dollar grilled cheese sandwich that was actually worth ten dollars, yeah it was that good.

Well after that I went over to the Con and wandered around for a bit. I found James Kyson Lee after his Heroes panel discussion signing autographs for fans. I dropped off a print for him of the photo I shot for Altra a while back and then went back to wandering. I found some pretty great things out at the Con and spoke with tons of rad people. I met up with artist Mark Nagata at his booth for Max toy co his new toy company. It's pretty rad. I love talking with Mark. He is such a rad and positive guy. it's guys like him that make me think that some day there will be new Jumbo Machinder toys that will be released, and done right. Not like those lame oversized vinyl monstrosities that people try to pass off as jumbos. But anyway Mark has tons of amazing things going on for him coming up soon. I still remember the first time I met Mark, it was a couple of years ago at Comic Con, it was when he was over at Super 7 and it was there first year at the Con. I was a subscriber from the very beginning, and loved the mag. Mark and I sat an talked about toys for far too long, and by the end of the conversation he had sold me a pretty sweet Kanegon painting that I didn't pay enough for,a rad Gurion figure, and a Red Baron bootleg that I really wanted. This year, I didn't bring as much loot with me, but so I had to be much more conservative with my shopping.

I went over to meet with James Kyson Lee after his Heroes panel to find him swarmed by fans. Kids were really tripping out it was awesome. . I dropped off a bunch of the images I shot of him from the Altra magazine photoshoot then bounced out so he could do his thing.

I was rolling around checking out a bunch of stuff when I came across the Lasp Gasp booth, then it dawned on me why Mark and KRK were at the con. Mark was doing a signing for his latest release Bunnies and Bees micro portfolio set 3.

The set is pretty amazing and has fourteen prints in it. It was a pretty good deal, so I had to pick one up.

Charles Burns has to be one of my favorite artists. I've been looking for some of his work for a very long time. I've got a few of his book plates as well as a few other nick knacks here and there. So wandering the show I happened to stumbled upon this little gem at over at Picture Box Inc. booth. That I was really happy to pickup along with a Mignola Hellboy print right before I left Comic Con was really awesome and I had a really good time checking out all the stuff and meeting up with everyone. Being out there makes me think about all the rad stuff out there. So many great artists and great artwork. I'm going to have start saving for next year. After the Con I went out and met up with Brad from Skullcandy who decided to be too cool for Comic Con went out on the Bum Squad Djz yacht party. If Brad could have his way, he would only eat Inn and Out and ice cream... seriously

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Here is a sample I did recently with Sammy over at Triumvir that I was pretty into. I was pretty reluctant to do it at first, because I was really busy, but I am really glad I did it, because I really liked the results. If it isn't obvious, I just got back from watching Harry Potter. Although I haven't seen it yet, I think there was also a little Hairspray mixed in there too. I'm not sure why they needed to make a new one, because I thought I thought the John Waters one was pretty genius.

It was pretty lame that I wasn't able to make it out to Detroit this week to shoot the Warped tour and Matt Gordan for RVCA due to some technical things, but things kind of worked out for the better. I was able to go over and visit Marsea and the New Image Art Gallery and head over to the Bum Squad DJ Reunion to go over and represent Skullcandy. On top of doing all that, I was able to do it wearing my new favorite shirt by Dmote for RVCA.

I haven't been over to the Gallery for quite some time, and had to get over there, because I was picking up a piece of art that Caroline Hwang left there for me, I also really wanted to see the new Herbert Baglione show that went up on the 13th. The show was really great and was almost sold out. The piece that Caroline left for me was really amazing. I can't wait to move into a new place, so that I'll have room to put it up along with a bunch of other artwork I have. Caroline's work is so good, I really dig it. It was really great being able to hang out at the gallery, I really miss it. Marsea always has som much rad stuff to show me, and on top of that, she just got in a bunch of books from the Burning House show she just put on. That book is really really good, I totally recommend it for anyone that is a Faile / Swoon / or David Ellis fan... well I take that back, I really recommend it to anyone. It also comes with a pretty awesome poster as well.
The Bum Squad DJ event was pretty crazy. I was really glad we had Derek and Octavia there to really keep things cool. The event was really great, everyone was really into all the Skullcandy stuff. We met up with tons of guys but I was really glad I got to meet up with Papoose,DJ Ski, Nina Nine from XM radio, and Yeah Boy.

On top of meeting everyone today, I got a chance to play with one of the new Skullcandy audio packs, which are pretty nice, I also got a chance to mess with a new Zune Player thanks Cl and the guys over at Digiwaxx. I've never been able to really play with a Zune player till now, and I can honestly say that it really surprised me. I really got to liking its controls after a while.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm pretty excited that this Saturday I'll be able to attend the San Diego Comic Con. Comic con is really one of my favorite things I attend each year. I always end up spending too much money buying random things from there.

Anyway while ago I shot actor James Kyson Lee for Altra Magazine who invited me out to see him and the cast of Heroes do a guest panel and see a few sneak peeks of season two of the show at the con. James was a really great sport during the shoot, we had a really long day but I think we really walked with a great product. I really have to thank RVCA , paul frank , creative recreation , torsion , and endovanera for coming through for me last minute and suppling the wardrobe for this one.

I really dug this series of photos so much I actually worked on a special comic book cover version of one of the photos with Hagimoomoo a friend of mine that I work on various projects with. So any way I really hope I don't end up spending as much money as I usually do at the comic con, because I don't really think my wallet can handle it.

Friday, July 20, 2007


So I'm out today with Skullcandy and LRG for LRG's annual photoshoot/party in NYC. It was pretty nuts. I was also excited today, because I got to pull out some new kicks I got from my pal Colin Bickley over at Pony .
They are pretty sweet, and pretty much one of my favorite pairs that I have gotten this year. Any way, I met up with Brad and Ben from Skullcandy over at some club down town where we met up Roxy Cottentail tell her about the LRG party. After a while of chilling at the club I had to get a bite to eat so I went over to the Ray's Pizza off of Broadway, to grab a slice and I happened to run into The Decemberists, which was pretty awesome as well as being random. Anyway, the next day, I first went over to LRG's NYC office to pick up some loot and then went to the location of where the shoot was, which was this pretty incredible 3 story penthouse with a pool on the top floor. I have no idea how many people were their, but all I know was that it was pretty packed, with about 200 people on the ground floor just trying to get in. Photographer Michael Greenberg shot this pretty funny pic of me that was on display on his wall of Polaroids. while I was there I got to hang out with some pretty rad guys like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Just Blaze, and Sirus radio dj, Lil' Shaun.

I'm not sure if I've ever had a larger craving for chocolate