Monday, April 21, 2008


Fez is a buddy of mine that I met through all the dudes over at Skullcandy, and when he said he was throwing a little shindig, I knew right off the bat it would be anything but little. I'm pretty excited to see what he has cooking up, because he has yet to disappoint me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


you all should go to this, its going to be sweet.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, this was a pretty sweet surprise that I stumbled upon. Alex Lee and Vincent Lee came up with this video featuring the spring lookbook photos I shot for Triumvir, I didn't know there were doing this and it really made me happy to see it and the fact that they gave it such a rad treatment made me feel pretty good. I really have to give it up to those guys for doing such a good job.


Miami is already a pretty ridiculous place, it is also home to one of my favorite shows C.S.I, and when you throw Winter music conference into the mix, woah, lets just say I had to try really really hard to refrain from being a really bad guy. I got the oppertunity to hit up a ton of events with Y.O.O.K.S. as well as my buddy Charlie from Skullcandy. While I was out there we ran into a bunch of friends like Tiffany and Tachi from back home. Tiff is was looking a little too good for her own good out there. Here is Tachi and I kickin it with the Frank 151 crew. They honestly produce one of the best publications out there. Its so funny that this one little book can do it so right where everyone sucks so much. One of these days I would love to do something with them, but till then, I'm still pretty satisfied with being a super fan. So outside of hanging out with friends and stuff I ended up busting my foot outthere. it was terrible. I would post a photo of it, but it looks really gross, so here for the world to see is an artists redition of my foot in all it's glory. Gross. Well out there we ran into many
other notables, like Craze, Xavier and Gasbarre from Justice, the Crystal Method, and a bunch more that I am too tired to remember.

After all the shenanigans this year I'm not sure if i'll be able to make it out next year, or if they'll even let us back, but all I know is thanks to Y.O.O.K.S. we came up in a big way!