Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So lately i have been kind of obsessed with facebook thanks to Brad from Skullcandy and his consistent badgering of trying to turn me on to this thing. I never joined Friendster, and it was hard enough for me to finally get into myspace. Even worse, they have this thing where you can add a bunch of applications to your profile, and one was to become a Zomble. So I did and now I spend a good portion of my time in the morning fighting other Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires, sounds like I am being pretty productive right? Here is a shot of my little guy as a Zombie Lefttenit I don't know why I get so addicted to such things. This is exactly why I don't play too many video games any more.
While I was in Vegas with Derek of the Bum Squad Dj's and Brad from Skullcandy, I was emailed about a new David Choe print that was out and I went online and purchased it right away, and today, I've finally got it! I've really been into David's art for a really long time, but have never really had the chance to get anything, so I was really really excited about the opportunity to pick this guy up. I don't really buy too much art any more, because I get really caught up in work, but I felt like I needed to spoil my self a bit, and well I figured this way would actually be the least expensive, and the least self destructive thing I could do. Although I am going to have a pretty big art week coming up with the Vans Sky Gallery event coming up, as well as Kelsey's Lab 101 show and the RVCA SF event coming up as well. I think I am going to be broke...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today I had a photo shoot with DGK and Reebok Skater Stevie Williams for Skullcandy. Stevie was ridiculously nice and his dad who was at the shoot as well as really cool. I was really happy about the turn out, and I was really happy that it was on the street as opposed to the studio. I have been shooting a ton of in studio catalog stuff and it has really been bumming me out. So it was nice to be outside for the afternoon. It was cool to find out the Stevie was a fan of the show NBC Heroes, because my buddy James is on the show, I would have never thought he would be into it, but I thought that was pretty cool.

My pals over at Franco Shade and Dj's GMO and Dan Sena are putting on a pretty sweet Halloween Party over at the Detroit bar in Costa Mesa. I usually don't make it out to alot of stuff, but there are too many good things happening at this one, and I know way too many people working on this one to miss out. GMO and Dan have a regular night over at the Detroit called Busy Work, which is actually a pretty good night, tons of rad people go, and they have some pretty awesome bands come through and play. Earlier this month it was their night that Datarock came to play, and I also saw Har Mar Superstar and Modrocket play there after a RVCA party that they played.

Monday, October 29, 2007


So I've spent this last weekend recovering not only from my trip from NYC, but also from My buddy Jonas and Kev. D's birthday party and it was pretty great. The party was hosted by Bee Nguyen and presented by Kevion over at One Sunset and all the the usual suspects were there, Ben Baller, Lucky I Am, Mick Boogie, and Rob G from the LRG skate team. It was pretty crazy and defiantly a night to remember check out the photos here.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


So I have officially been back from NYC for a week, and I still haven't recovered, I really have to thank Britney Revolver for not only taking care of me during my stay and showing me all of NY's hot spots like Queens, Bed-Sty, and of course the world famous Nathan's hot dogs! She went ever further by making sure that I wouldn't get lost while trekking through the city by coordinating outfits with me each day so that we would be easy to spot if we ever got lost in a crowd. You can see her elegantly photographed here by NYC's own Nicky Digital. As you can see we are both dress here in coordinateing grey and black stripes, except she of course being the thoughtful damsel she is decided to sew sequins into her top so that she would be a beacon of light if we were ever to be seperated. So thoughtful!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


this event is going to be pretty sweet, and its for a good cause, I'll be there, so you should to

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today my friend Jonas from LRG turns 30. This party is going to be insane! We're got tons of projects lined up and I just completed two huge photoshoots for them for LRG and for Luxirie that should be out first quarter next year.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, I'm back from NYC and I've pretty much recovered from a week's worth of antics and shenanigans. I went out there pretty exhausted, and a came back even more. I have no idea what I was thinking when I told everyone that I was going to get some rest while I was out there. What I did happen to take care of was a bunch of business that I had to do while I was out there. The first thing I took care of out there was a bunch of paper work for Atlantic records so that my photos can be apart of the Gym Class Heroes rerelease of their album As Cruel As School Children. I was also asked to shoot Director/Art Curator and friend Aaron Rose for Huck Magazine. This is a snap shot of one of the locations we used. I recently had some photos published in most recent issue of their magazine of Kelsey Brookes.
The Heist Party was pretty crazy. It was a good chance for me to catch up with a ton of friends, Adrian (pictured here) was a gracious and lovely host as usual. I look forward to seeing him on his up and coming tour with Paramore. Ellie from the was out and about shooting away. Along with Bronx from and Jac Vanek. I think most of them have photos up online for people to see some of the tomfoolery.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007


So, today I have a huge amount of stuff to do. First off, I have my first photoshoot with Luxirie the women's line from LRG. Which should be pretty fun. Shooting with everyone over at LRG is always really fun.

After that I've got to head over to Safari Sam's in Los Angeles to catch the KRK Ryden art show over there with Nu-tra preforming. I haven't seen KRK since his brother's tree show earlier this year. I think I haven't seen Vahe from Nu-tra since the KRK show at RVCA. KRK and I are working on some stuff for an upcoming issue if High Fructose magazine.

After all of this Pete is having another party over at the Fall Out Boy house, that I'm gonna head over to. So I've got a pretty large amount of stuff on my place today. I seriously don't know how I am able to get as much stuff done in a day as I do, and it really does feel overwhelming sometimes, it's pretty scary because this doesn't seem like it will ever let up.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So, with this ad marks my return to photographing for my homies at Franco Shade, I was on a hiatus from them for a few seasons, but now I am back and pretty excited to be. Joe pretty much gave Arlo and myself control over a bunch of the new shoots and well, its our job to make sure he regrets this decision. Look for this ad in the next issue of Antenna mag. This ad features the film director Paul Coy Allen who has worked with tons or Hollywood heavies in the music industry like Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. I shot with Paul last month, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with him again this month. The conversation is always interesting when you take someone that is was to beinging behind then camera and putting them in front of it.

I've gotta thank Joe and everyone at Franco again for hooking it up for me and babygirl the other nite and getting me into Universal Studios for their Halloween bash. I feel bad that they weren't that into it, but I had a pretty awesome time. I still think Knotts is scarier, but it's still pretty cool.

Monday, October 8, 2007


So, they are at it again. Adrian and the Heist crew are throwing another gig, this time in NYC and they have asked me to be part of the event, which is pretty cool of them. I am going to be out there from the 16th to the 20th, chill'in and meeting up with alot of friends and things. It's weird, New York was a place that I rarely have ever been to, maybe once or twice my whole life, and then this year comes around, and I find myself out there almost every other month. It's always exciting, and I've been finding myself having a better and better time with each trip.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


you find the weirdest things online when you do Google searches on yourself. I have found that there are tons of people with the same name as I, and that alot of them take pictures as well. I never really thought of my name as being anywhere remotely popular, considering I only know one other person with the same name as I. I also found that I share the same name with an Asian pop star. What I guess is kind of cool is that when you just type in " Quang " I am actually the first thing that pops up in the search. That is pretty cool I think, although it is pretty egotistical of me to be googling myself, and then write about it on my own website. I dunno, but I think everyone at some point in their life ends up googling themselves at some point in their life. One thing that that I found that was helpful during the search was a link to some photos that I shot of a Matt Costa event hosted by RVCA I shot a while back. Here is the link.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Well, here it is! the Triumvir Lion Parka. I've seen it around their office for months and months. I wasn't suer they were going to make it, but apparently they are selling like hot cakes! I can't wait to get mine. I recently shot these of photos of Julia for some ads that they have coming out in the next issue of Vapors, Antenna, and a few other publications. I really like the pic that I shot in the red coat. I've noticed that since the East pack shoot, I have been shooting a bit differently and really enjoying my work more. I can't really put my figure on it, but I feel good, which is kind of a change for me. Generally when I shoot I get really really nervous, even if I have done the same type of shot a thousand time before, but now, I really am honestly enjoying the moment, it's weird, but I feel like I am really growing. I always feel good and I think I do a great job when I shoot, but I always get these jitters inside that make me triple check everything, I still check everything, but now I do it with a smile on my face. Anyway, things are good and I am really happy about these new ads I am doing. Triumvir is also making this pretty amazing piece I like to call the hobbit cloak that should be coming out quite soon as well, but Brandon will not let me shoot ads featuring this coat, because he knows that I would try to reenact a scene from lord of the rings with that one. I'll defiantly be slaying the beasts in that one when it comes out.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


So I think I have found pretty much the coolest place to eat in the world if I was in a fraternity, or if I wanted to get date raped by a lacrosse player. This place pretty much has it all, from the Strong Island Ice Tea, Pizza Fries, and don't forget, the Deep Fried Twinkies. I wish I was kidding when I say that the description of everything on the menu ends with either Bro, Dawg, or, we'll hook ya up

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I recently shot an ad for the boys over at Franco Shade featuring film director Paul Allen Coy, who I actually just shot recently for an interview he was featured in on their website. It a pretty cool for Paul to come down for the shoot. Apprently there was tons of traffic on the freeway, it was taking people up to hours longer to get the the warehouse than normal. I was fortunate to be in the area chill'in with all the guys from Torsion going over the plans for their fall/holiday ad shoot. I'm reallu happy that Arlo and I are teaming up on this next series of Franco Shade ads, I think people are really going to like them, the concepts are really fun, and so far everyone is digging all the ideas that we have for them. The ads are going to be featured in a new magazine called Antenna that I have been hearing tons of good things about. I saw their first issue, and I was really really into it. So I am pretty happy that at least some of my work will be in it, even if it is for an ad. (Hopefully they are reading this, and they like my work and will get me to do stuff for them)

Monday, October 1, 2007


Go to this! this band is amazing. I love these guys, they are
great performers and pretty much one of the greatest things to come out of Norway! I never miss a chance to see these guys. GOT TO THIS, the only thing that you are going to regret is that you didn't bring more people with to see the maddness.