Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'm Back from Vegas, and remarkably, I survived the insanity. I was out there for the Magic Fashion tradeshow. I've been out for the show numerous times and its always pretty hectic. Lots of parties, lots of booze and pretty much no sleep. I've been pretty much on a non stop travel extravaganza for work. I don't think I've spent a full week home for the past three months. But I am happy now that I can hang out at home and recover from this nonsense.

While perusing the show I noticed the Franco Shade guys featuring their latest ad with yours truly in it
Which was really cool and right by the candy where it should be. A while ago I told Arlo that The Franco stuff needed to look more gay. He looked at me quite puzzled, I said that the stuff looked kind of gay, and if they were going that way they should go all the way and make tank tops. Well, out of my fustration, I went out and made my own gay tank tops so I can now rock Franco gear the way it was ment to be, with pride!

While in Vegas I went to at least 15 or so parties in a 4 day period, I think I lost a bit of my mind there. I don't recall as much as I should, I am still sick from it, and I know I will be back there sooner than I would like to be. Mike from Fakerich and Dim Mak
put on a pretty rad party, the first night, Mike always seems to snap off pics at the right time. Anyway, go buy a copy of the new Antenna Magazine and check out the first ad I've ever been in, don't forget to thank Arlo for getting me involved with that one.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I little while ago I was hit up by my good buddy Jonas Bevacqua to shoot him for a few promo pics, I can't really show off too much here, Status mag just posted this one up as a teaser, pretty funny.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So this is kind of nuts, I just recently had one a pretty surreal experience out in Pittsburgh shooting for those Mall giants, American Eagle for their North American Music Union Festival. When I first was approached about this gig I was pretty skeptical. But upon hearing them out I found the the project was quite cool. I've kept pretty quiet about the project because I wasn't really sure how it would work out, but honestly it was really a great experience working with all those guys. Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers hosted the event where, Bob Dylan, The Raconteurs, The Roots, Gnarls Barkely, The Black Keys, Spoon, Black Mountain, Nasa, and the Tiny Masters of Today preformed. The experience all around was incredible. I really didn't get to sleep all that much since they needed all of the images ASAP, but honestly I don't know if I could have had a better time. Its also pretty cool to have my stuff on the American Eagle website.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's finally here, the Gym Class Heroes new music video for their song "Cookie Jar" off of their upcoming album, The Quilt. I'm not going to dilly dally, and come up with various reasons why I am posting about this, other than the fact that one, I love these guys, I always have a great time with them and I love working with them. Two, I and quite fond of their music and three, I'M IN THIS VIDEO! I've been in there videos before making little cameos when you can barley make out my image much like any photograph of a mythological beast, but this one you can totally see me. I know this sounds really narcissistic, but I think its really cool that I am in a video, but I think its even cooler that I am in one with my friends. any way here is the video, I hope you dig it

Friday, August 8, 2008


Here is our most recent ad for Triumvir that's featured in the latest issue of Antenna Magazine. This is probably our most ambitious and probably my most favorite to date. I mainly worked on the art direction on this one where Ray pretty much did all the hard work. Kind of nice for a change. The guys over at Joy Engine did a really awesome post on this one for us. Way nicer and better than I could do. I really need to flex my blogging muscles a little more. Anyway the next installment of this one is going to be nuts, I can't wait.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here is a new ad that I worked on for the boys at imaginary kingdom. My buddy Ray and I came up with this concept a while ago for a different project, but ended up shelving it to do something else. When we met up with these guys, we new this concept finally had a home. Hopefully this series will continue on for a while. we has alot of fun coming up with it and finding all the little elements to go into it. Anyway, this is my first of three new ads that are in Antenna Magazine. I'll post the other ones up soon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008