Sunday, May 20, 2007


So, It's been about a month since I last left a post on this thing, which kind of lets you know how busy its been. I just wrapped up my dates on the Scion Heist party tour with Supreme, Lumin, Le Castlevainia, and Skeet Skeet which was really really fun. I met so many awesome people, and I really hope this is something that they keep doing, because it was really alot of fun. I really have to give it up to the people of Nashville, who really know how to throw a party. In between the last two Scion gigs I flew home to see my friends the Gym Class Heroes preform at the Wango Tango in Irvine which was really cool and kind of weird at the same time. I've never actually been to a kiis fm radio event I really kind of felt like a fish out of water. Anyway it was cool to be able to spend some time with my friends, and hopefully this summer we'll be working on some really big projects.

LRG has defiantly been keeping me busy these days. I just recently just finished shooting all of their fall and holiday lines which was taxing, but fun. It's always a good time when Tyrone and I can get together.

If you ever see the guys at Triumvir, please pat Brandon on the back and let him know that everything is going to be okay. I've worked with the boys over there on numerous occasions, and every time we do, it's defiantly a rigorous but, rewarding process. He just worries so much, it's sort of funny actually, but I guess thats just how he is. I can't wait for this look book to come out. so far everything is looking really really great, and I really enjoy the direction the company is taking.

Well, June is coming up, and it looks like it's going to be another crazy month. but I'm really excited, because ALOT of RVCA stuff is coming up, and I was actually kind of missing doing stuff over there as well as seeing everyone in the office I wonder if I'll ever get to take a break.