Sunday, September 30, 2007


So I'm back from my break from my short break from the Eastpack shoot and I must say that I am really thankful that I took that break. The party in Nashville with Bloc Party was really great. I had an awesome time. We also got alot of work done for the next Heist party which is going to take place in NYC during CMJ.
The day I flew back from Nashville, I had to do a shoot for Neff Headwear in Santa Ana. I'm really lucky to have a brother that is really understanding and helps me out when I am in some pretty stressful situations.

Anyway, like I was saying I'm pretty glad about takeing that break from the Eastpack stuff. I
was really stressed out about alot of stuff, but now I think the shooting has become alot more enjoyable. We just recently got in a pretty amazing model on the shoot that is really bring out some great images from me I'm really use to it being the other way around. Special thanks to Larissa you seriously hooked it up.

I'm full of sushi, and for once, pretty content, kind of weird for me. I honestly feel pretty awesome, and it totally is freaking me out.