Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, today is kind of weird for me, because it's one of my friend's birthdays, and well this normally wouldn't make it on the site nor would it be weird, but this site wouldn't really exist if it wasn't for her. So I wanted to give her a shout out. You see one of the few reasons why I became a photographer (aside from the fact that it's one of the few things I can do right) was to impress her. Before we became friends I had an enormously huge, I mean retardedly huge crush on her. When I say retardedly huge, I mean like almost embarrassingly huge. Like everyone knew at our school knew, but I didn't know they knew, so I looked really dumb when I would follow her around campus. I actually took and extra semester of school just to hang out with her ( sorry mom, I promise tuition for that semester wasn't that high) , as well as a bunch of photo classes that I didn't really need, hence the fact that I got a bunch of extra photo experience and decided that I could actually do this for a living. I normally use to make some sort of ordeal out of her bday, and well things would be kind of weird because I would, and she would say things to me like it's only weird because I make it weird so I decided to do it differently this year. I'm kind of sad that things arn't like they use to be where it was kind of like Screech blindly chasing after Lisa Turtle around the Campus of Bayside high trying to woo her in Saved by the Bell , there was a strange sweetness to it all that I miss, but things change and I'm kind of older now and have to think that their are repercussions for my actions, but anyway today is her Bday, and I wanted to let her know that I didn't forget about her and shes made sure I never will, Fruit Bat, I still love you lots and lots , happy birthday.

p.s. I know she thinks I forgot and I know she never comes to my site, so I think it would be funny when one day she happens to come here and sees this. It's only weird because I make it that way.