Friday, July 25, 2008


This is kind of cool. I am updating this section of the site off of my phone. Hopefully this will work out pretty good and I'll be able to update more often. One thing that kind of sucks is that I can't really put photos up on here right away, I'd have to stick them in later, which kind of sucks. Any way I'm in line over at JFK airport. I've been in nyc for the past week for the project and capsule tradeshows, seeing what's what in the fashion industry. I've got some pretty great news from creative recreation, but I'll leave that surprise for my next post.

While I was here I had my first meeting, well at least professionally with dim maks very own Steve Aoki. It was quick, crazy, and frantic, just like I knew it would be. But great nontheless.

Probably the coolest people that I met up with out here were Maxime and Ann from 55dsl , they are so AWESOME. I love them, and they were so hospitable. They seriously made me never want to leave and even more so, they made me want to be part of the 55dsl/diesel family. I originially met them as well as Andrea, Brooke, and the rest of the 55dsl fam out at coachella, and have really missed their prescience ever since.
While I was here I was also very fortuate to visit with a bunch of photostudios and kick it for a while and check out the facilities. The first one I stopped by was The Sandbox, which is where my cousin works. I've been there before, but its really always changeing, if I ever became a cataloge or commercial photographer, I could only wish that they would allow me to join their ranks. Its such a positive and uplifting enviornment, I love it. The other studio I visited with was DEX. My good friend alice is a producer there, and has been telling me about it for quite some time. So it was really nice to see what she has been working on. She's got a pretty nice place and I'm quite proud of her. Anyway, its actually time to board my plane so I gotta go!