Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sundance was so weird this year. Sponsership dollars were down, celebrity attendence was down, but what did that mean for me? More fun! I pretty much consider myself bottom of the barrel in terms of status because in reality, I'm just a photographer. I mean seriously there are only a hand full of us that really get the star treatment. But anyway, lately I have been getting alot of it and I must say I like it! I really think that since overall attendance is down for things people are just dying to have people even come to there events and that is when vultures like myself or other d list celebrities swoop in. Alan Cummings was one of the few top guys that I actually got to meet during the festival. Honestly there are a few people that I nerd out over, Alan in a pretty awesome actor, I felt like such a dork. Man oh man, maybe something good can come from this recession.

Anyway, enough of that rant. The parties were pretty amazing, LRG once again had the best gifting suite out there. Its honestly a streetware guy's dream come true. I even managed to get myself into Jack White's party which was supposed to be pretty hard to get in, probably the coolest thing was My buddy Junior from Rayban invited me to a little party he had out there to give an award to Ewin Mcgregor , and I brought some friends of mine with me, and when Ewin recieved his award, he gave a speach and talked a little about my friends movie. It was totally insane.