Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here are some of my recent photos for the Triumvir Psycho Brigade project. Brandon in one interesting guy to work with, I'm glad we both respect each other, otherwise we'd probably kill each other he actually wrote some pretty funny stuff in reguards this shoot, here it is , and for sure check out the site, the 530 media lab guys did a really great job. "WEEK03 of the Shadaloo Psycho Brigade features a small storyboard we’ve put together with the help of my photographer friend Quang Le. I don’t have to imagine at all how hard it can be working with me on something
creative, but Quang can fluster my creative emotions at times… its a bit frustrating at times but a good photographer will do this to translate your imagination into imagery. Behind every concept or collection I create there’s always a deeper story line to either the character or the piece of clothing. The Psycho Brigade project is still in its early concept stage, I see nothing set in stone yet about it… I don’t want it to be. Let’s just say the Shadaloo Psycho Brigade unit, the character, the story, is still going through beta testing… its “Phase I.”"