Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'm Back from Vegas, and remarkably, I survived the insanity. I was out there for the Magic Fashion tradeshow. I've been out for the show numerous times and its always pretty hectic. Lots of parties, lots of booze and pretty much no sleep. I've been pretty much on a non stop travel extravaganza for work. I don't think I've spent a full week home for the past three months. But I am happy now that I can hang out at home and recover from this nonsense.

While perusing the show I noticed the Franco Shade guys featuring their latest ad with yours truly in it
Which was really cool and right by the candy where it should be. A while ago I told Arlo that The Franco stuff needed to look more gay. He looked at me quite puzzled, I said that the stuff looked kind of gay, and if they were going that way they should go all the way and make tank tops. Well, out of my fustration, I went out and made my own gay tank tops so I can now rock Franco gear the way it was ment to be, with pride!

While in Vegas I went to at least 15 or so parties in a 4 day period, I think I lost a bit of my mind there. I don't recall as much as I should, I am still sick from it, and I know I will be back there sooner than I would like to be. Mike from Fakerich and Dim Mak
put on a pretty rad party, the first night, Mike always seems to snap off pics at the right time. Anyway, go buy a copy of the new Antenna Magazine and check out the first ad I've ever been in, don't forget to thank Arlo for getting me involved with that one.