Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I'm finally back and home for longer than a week, I'm actually home for a whopping 14 days, and then I am off to Columbus Ohio for Rock on the Range. Anyway, I was out in Cairo shooting the latest installment of my world tour lookbooks for Creative Recreation. Its going to be a while before these will be able to be to available for viewing. The Paris books and images are actually going up now, hopefully I'll have some of that up on the site in a few days.

Cairo was a pretty unbelievable place, I got to see so many incredible things. The Pyramids, The Sphinx, tons of temples, and alot of stuff on the Nile. Cairo, was always one of those places that I've always wanted to go, but out of the excitement of wanting to go to a place that was strange and foreign to me and its been a general rule for me for the last couple of years that I don't really travel anywhere unless its work related, so when it came time to decide where to go for this shoot I jumped at the chance to make it Egypt.
The food was actually pretty good, and the people were awesome. I ate at some pretty nice places and I ate at some pretty shady spots and I must say I was pretty into it. Getting to ride a camel to work for a couple of days was a pretty surreal experience as well, seeing things from so high up is so different, I wonder if thats how the dwarf felt in that jewish story about the Dwarf that could see the fartest because he stood on the shoulders of a giant. I dunno why I just thought of that, so random. Even more random is this dwarf that sits on the shoulders of this giant. Anyway I'm pretty tired and jet lagged right now, so I'll post up more about this later, I'm going to try and get on a regular sleep scheduele now.