Saturday, May 2, 2009


The other day I was on twitter and writing some nonsense about how I wished Rick Froberg of the Hot Snakes and many other bands was in a new band. With in minutes, my old friends Kyle Kapow of the now defunted Kapow records hit me up with a link of Rick's new band signed to Sub Pop, Orbits! The power of Twitter! What I heard from then on was pure rock and roll bliss! I've been into Rick's stuff for quite some time and I'm even a bigger fan of his art. Another friend of mine, Rich Jacobs had introduced me to an art show that He and Rick were in at the New Image Art Gallery that I happened to shoot a few years back called "Think that Thought Alot" I geeked out pretty hard at that show over Rick and rambeled on and on about various pieces of his that I loved over they years. I ended up shooting a bunch of photos of his and Rich's stuff at the show, I also shot some portraits of both of them with thier work. Rick was such and incredibly nice guy, I hope I really didn't bum him out by nerding out too much. Another cool thing that I happened to catch that night was the first show of another Sub Pop band No Age. Come to think of it I ran into Dean from No Age over in Austin for SXSW and promised him photos from that night... oops I guess I need to really get back to him, about that. Well, I'm really glad we achive things really well here.