Monday, May 11, 2009


I know I am always apologizing for being bad at updates, but lemme do it again just in case you forgot. I've been globetrotting a bit, and recently I went to Paris, recently meaning I was there for just a day for no real reason, I wasn't even shooting, but anyway, This trip just made me once again realize how much I don't like it there. I was going to write some random hate crap about Paris and all that. After thinking about it though, there are many things I do like about it as well, that makes me look past the snotty attiudes and the rudeness I encoutner evertime I am there. I obviously have my love for Daft Punk and the Ed Banger crew, and of course there is one of my favorite Dj's that hails from there Kavinsky ( thank you Mykal and the fake rich crew for always being able to capture my best angle, here's also a photo I shot of Gaspard Auge from Justice I shot the other day over at Busy P from Ed Bangers Bday party before the little incident with security)

There is also my buddies that hail from the other areas of france, like my buddy Maxime from 55dsl (seriously the coolest person I know, well second to his wife), and of course the Crew from the creative group The Satisfaction, John, Anthony, and of course Pierre (my three stooges of euorpe). Anyway, the reason of me thinking about my parisian cohorts, is that the look book and billboards I did for Creative Recreation in Paris is finally out. I didn't even know the billboards went up yet till I was crusing about town yesterday with my little brother, and we saw one up on Melrose. This is a pretty bad pic, i'll stick another one up here soon, I was driving and the light was green when we saw it and my brother scrambled to grab my camera. Its always pretty insane when I see my stuff up like this. The books are pretty insane as well. So matte, so glossy, so cool! Probably one of the best print jobs I have ever scene!