Friday, June 26, 2009


The death of Michael Jackson was such a suprise and a tragedy. When it happened, I thought it was like alot of things I hear about Michael Jackson and I thought to my self... more bad jokes. I don't really write about stuff like this here, because this is a place where I usually put stuff like where I am traveling, or what I am working on, but for some reason I just really felt like writing something here. After really thinking about it after I heard he passed away, I sat down with some friends and really thought about if we
could think of anyone that was more famous than he was. I decided that there wasn't anyone that I could think of, so with that, we decided to make the trek out to the house he was living in in los angeles. As we expected, it was a media circus. We were able to find a smaller memorial that wasn't completely swarmed by media and fans, but what I did notice was that on the banners that someone printed up had not only put Michael's face on the banner, but they put there own as well. I'm sure it was by mistake, luckily there was a good samaritan standing by that helped the poor man fix his mistake by cutting him off of the posters, Whew! Anyway, I am truly sadden by this, and I really hope the best for his children, then best quote I heard all evening when the media was filming people in regards to Michael and his death, a side from all the fake rap artists plugging thier records and thier myspace accounts was, "Michael Jackson, a man accused of many things, convicted of none!"