Sunday, July 5, 2009


Villains and Vagabonds is a brand that I have been working with for a while now and its good to see that they finally have a website up and running featuring photos shot by yours truly of course!. I've been shooting pics for them for the last few seasons, and its incredible to see how they have grown in the last year with no web presence at all.

Well, as of last weekend this has all changed. They now have a new full fledged website, for me this is actually kind of nice, considering I shoot all these photos for them and never get to see them anywhere aside from their showroom. They also have a webstore and a bunch of other cool little features. I personally would have loved to see more of the photos up, but this is really a good start for them, and I think that this is really going to be good. It was also super cool of them for putting up a little blog hit about me and the work that I have done. It good to hear it when people appreciate the work that I have put into their brands. Its also pretty cool to see all the spots that they are carried at. I mean they have some of the best accounts you can get for the kind of gear they make. Revolve, Metro Park, and Fred Segal, so good.

P.s. I also like how in the second photo, Nick from Villains put that nice little close up hit of the Hellz Bellz x Miss Wax collab ring that was given to us on loan from Miss Kylee Wax herself!