Thursday, July 9, 2009


My buddies Devin and Mitch from Fremont and Endovenera just recently opened up a shop in Costa Mesa within the Lab. I would rant and rave about how much I like the shop and how you should check it out, but instead here is a list of a few of the brands they carry, fremont,chronicles of never, endovenera, corpus,erik hart,orthodox,eskell,kontorsion,morphine generation, and conference of birds. Also just to let you everything is pretty much 50 to 80 percent off. For your sake, you should come, because you'll for sure get some sweet stuff, for my sake I hope you don't because I'll for sure scoop up the gear you missed for myself. Make sure to come on Saturday, they are having a party with free booze and all that, so they can get you drunk so my make a ton of shopping decisions that you'll regret once you get your credit card statment.