Monday, October 19, 2009


So earlier this morning I had to hop on a plane to make it out to pretty much my home away from home, Park City, Utah. Most photographers are pretty much LA/NY, or if you are of the smuttier breed, they Miami for sure (which I'll actually be heading off to in a few days for some work). But no, not me, I'm LA/PC ... kind of a strange combo, but I like it. Utah is a strange strange place is sort of an Eerie Indiana sort of way, and It'll probably be the birth place of the Apocalypse, so I'll probably have a front row seat!

Anyway, this lovely Impala, was one of the reasons why I flew out for the shoot, the other is a surprise, and should be ready in a moth or so. I have to thank Chris alot for being awesome guy and driving up a crazy mountain in this car and loaning it to me for the day!