Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I pretty much was just booked for a gig in South Africa, just booked as in I was confirmed today and I'll be on a plane in a week.

With any travel like this you'll need to make sure to pack all the right gear (camera, batteries, and plenty of clean under wear and socks)make sure your passport and visa is in order, and you of course need to get your shots, and in this case, I was off to get my yellow fever vaccine. I'll
admit shots and things like that don't really bother me. Another thing was, that the doctor that administered it was not only confronting to me, but was kind of a babe as well, so
that totally made things a bit easier for me as well. What made the whole process a little crazy was that I was slammed in a bunch of meetings on this day, but it was the ONLY day I could go for the shots, since I was leaving in exactly a week for the job and that I was actually scheduled to be on a flight to Miami to work with my favorite Nappy Boy recording artist for a couple of days, doing some big things! I was fortunate enough to have the assistance of a pretty awesome production crew on this one, that was able to find me a doctor in Los Angeles willing to stay open a little longer and take me in as an immediate walk in, because I had meetings to be off to. Then on top of that I had to reschedule everything to be a little closer to me just so that I could make everything on time, because I had so much going on. I was a pretty fortunate guy that day, everything seemed to fall into place.

Being that this gig was quite and unexpected surprise, I decided to celebrate a little and pick up a something for myself from L.A.'s very own piece of hipster heaven on earth, Opening Ceremony. Even though I sound like I'm mocking it, stop by it believe it's a pretty accurate description of the place and I honestly love alot of the stuff there. I've actually been eyeing this pair of Timberland boots for and while and OC recently did a collab with Timberland and this particular model, so I figured why not just nab them for the trip, a totally justifiable expense if you ask me.