Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm about to head out on the road with my buddy Travie McCoy to do a couple of tour dates on the Too Fast for Love tour with Cobra Starship, 3 oh! 3, and I Fight Dragons. I just found out that the video for his latest single Billionaire was just released. I was actually at the filming for it, and it was actually where I got a chance to meet Greg Simkins, better know as Craola! Greg is a pretty phenomenal talent, and a pretty awesome guy! I almost recommend checking out his work before the video, you'll be a better person for it! But before that you also need to check out the work of Bruno Mars! Whom is a tremendous talent as well, and not only is featured in the video, but did alot of work on Travie's up and coming record, the Lazarus Project.