Saturday, December 1, 2007


Despite me not really being in the mood to be outside at the moment, I really couldn't stand being inside either, so I was able to make it over to Matt Gordon's art show over at RVCA. I have been really having a terrible week, and this really was something that managed to make me feel okay for at least a few hours, and I really appreciate everyone for showing me a good time over there. Matt's art work was outstanding. This was the first solo show he has had in six years, I was so glad I didn't miss it. For being in a terrible mood for the evening I think I managed to get some pretty good photos, and I was also pretty stoked to see Fatlip who use to be part of Pharcyde preform. I really have to thank everyone again for being so good to me, things are really rough for me right now, and I know everyone really did a pretty amazing job of making me feel good at least for a moment.