Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well, I'm out here in Ventura shooting the next product catalog for Neff Headwear and I must say this sucks. Not the hat, not the clothing, not the people, just the situation. I love Neff, he's a cool guy, and I think in his cool, pseudo homie/snow bro way, he loves me to, even when I am being difficult. It's just all part of our process. All of his latest stuff looks really really good. I admit I was surprised and excited. He definitely stepped up his game and he named a cap after me, which automatically makes him cool and my book and strokes my already inflated ego. But, I will admit that this shoot is extremely hard and demanding. I've never had working conditions like this, and I think I have eaten more junk food than I ever have in my life. I'm really lucky that I brought out my friend Lucie on this one, because she is a really hard worker and she really helped me out on this one, I think with out her, there is no way I could have gotten this one done.

One thing that has reinvigorated my will to live after this shoot, is that my buddy KRK Ryden got some paintings to me while I was here, so that made me really happy. KRK is an awesome guy, and always hooks me up with some great stuff. Xmas for sure came early for me this year, this is one of the two that he sent over to me.