Sunday, August 16, 2009


So my buddy Seth is pretty good about letting me know what the latest and greatest is when it comes to technology, web, social networking and all that. Recently Seth was cool enough to hook me up with this whole new thing called Shoot it! I'm pretty skeptical about most things that are related to all this, mainly because I'm still a pretty hands on kind of guy. The real unique thing, and what really attracted me to it, was then fact that it really blends old world and new world technology and makes a whole new thing. What Shoot It! is, is an application for your phone where you are able to take a picture with your phone and basically upload it where ever you are through your phone and they print out your image with a message on the back and send it to whom ever you want for about a dollar. Here are my first examples of shoot it cards, which I'm sure I'll get better at taking once I get a hang of it. I'm pretty excited about this, because it will surely help me start being a much better son, because now I have no excuse not to mail postcards to my Mom. I'll be posting a bunch more cards here soon!