Monday, August 31, 2009


This probably isn't the best picture for me to be posting in regards to my trip to AZ with Pretty Boy Paul, but screw it, I don't think my mom reads this anyway. Scottsdale I must admit is filled with some pretty attractive women and being that the pool at the W Hotel is open 24 Hours a day, makes things even better. I had a real great time at the party, probably due to the fact that there was some sort of screw up and I wasn't allowed to bring my camera in the Shoot It! X 944 event, so I wasn't really shooting the event, and was just posting up and gabbing away and believe it or not, I think it was all for the better. It's pretty rare that I go to an event and can actually wander and not be tethered to a job or anything like that. Paul is going to have a video up in a couple of days so you all will be able to see the maddness!