Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm in Vegas right now peeping all of the new goods for the up and coming season and while I was over at the project tradeshow, I ran across the ladies of Miss Wax Jewelry. Generally I worked on alot of stuff that I don't really get to see for months and months. During that, I tend to forget about the project till it actually comes out, so its kind of a pleasant surprise when I actually see stuff out and thats what kind of happened with Miss Wax. Kylee and all the lovely gals over at Miss Wax have a nice collab dropping soon with Hellz Bellz that should be dropping rather soon, I was pretty excited to be working on this project for her. I really like the images that we were able to come up with. It makes me kind of happy to work so up close to product sometimes, its quite a change for me, since I never really do stuff like that. So its nice for me to switch it up a little every now and then.