Thursday, September 3, 2009


I was fourtunate enough to be able to catch my friends Datarock in the legendary SIR studios, rehearsing for their upcoming US tour promoting their latest record "Red". I feel some what privileged because I've been able to hear numerous versions of "Red" over the last two years while running into the boys here and their. I'm hoping that on this tour I'll actually be able to catch up with them and actually go on a few tour dates with them a photograph from the road a bit.

Another great come up that I found during this visit was a guitar that I have to buy, not for myself, I realized that I am one of those few poor souls that suffers from not only a lack of musical talent, but I actually have negative musical talent. Which means less than zero. On some days, when musicians of weak spirit are around me, I actually absorb some of their talent, thats how little I have. No, I've got to nab this one for Miss Stephanie Quayle , a singer songwriter that resides in Venice that I met recently that truly believes needs such a guitar. If country music is your thing, or if you are one of those on the fence kind of characters about it, I suggest you check it out, more than likely you'll find me in a corner somewhere posted up.