Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The story of the chance meeting and remeeting of Steve Damstra II and I is a long and crazy one, but in a way one that I think is worth hearing. Now, it's not really one that I will put you through right now, but sometime, in person, go ahead and plop yourself next to me me at the bar and ask me, more than likely I'll even buy you a drink, I like to tell the story that much. Someone I would like thank very much really forcing us into meeting each other, is actually The Dim Mak's Collection's very own Steve Aoki. Gave us the first chance meeting, our later remeeting is a whole other story.

My reasoning for really bringing up Steve isn't only just to show off this photo of him that I shot over a year ago that hasn't surface till now. Its only partially to plug the recent music video that his band Folded Light made with Waverly Films, it doesn't in fact have anything to do with the fact that he's also from the groups Whirlwind Heat, or Dueling Lugers, ( although both of which are really worth checking out), but it really more to thank him for hooking me up with some songs he was working on that I really enjoy.

Its really a great record that he is working on, so great in fact that if I were to write a review of this one, It would read like this " Steve Damstra and Jaffe Zinn have really stumbled across something with this sophomore release, if they were starving for pussy in their last release, upon this one they'll be swimming in it and gasping for air" and thats all I really have to say about that.