Sunday, July 15, 2007


Do you know who Kurt Soto is? He's pretty much a rockstar among rockstars. Kurt is the guys that handles all the music stuff over at Vans and has been in the racket forever. I remember having to get stuff from him over at their old office when I was rolling around with The Aquabats. So anyway, he was rad enough to hook me up with with a pretty sweet pair on new Vans.

Anyway, I'm back in Cali now, I had to come home and do a shoot for LRG for their up and coming spring line. Things are looking pretty sweet over there. DJ Hoppa, Irie, and Cootie came by for some of the shoot. I haven't seen Irie since we were in Miami for the winter music conference. He was in town for the Espy's so it was pretty cool of him to stop by for the shoot. I also got some pretty funny pics of their skate team manger Tyrone rocking his frogskins. I remeber slinging pizzas talking about Star Wars and listening to Decendents records with him back in the day. Please let him know how lovely you think he is by emailing him at .

I've seen these phone pouches and laptop cases floating around the LRG office for quite sometime and haven't been able to get my hands on one of these till now. It was pretty nice of Jonas and Tyrone for the hook up.

I recently did a promo photoshoot for this cable show that should start shooting soon for VH1 called The Passenger, it was a really long shoot, but I am really happy with the product. My assitant Min-Hsu shot this pic of me at the shoot, I'm really excited for this shoot and I can't wait till the show comes out, my friends Christina Martin and Tanya Thayer are a pretty big part of the show and I'm sure it's going to be crazy.