Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, Summer's here, the Warped Tour has begun, and I am busier than ever. I've been out with the Skullcandy mixed tent on the tour and it's pretty awesome. Brad and the Skullcandy crew put together this pretty awesome tent for the tour with acts participating like comedian Jimmy Mar, The Street Drum Corps, as well as the break dancing troupe the Massive Monkeys.

everything is was going on really well, until we hit our Salt Lake City date and I got super sick. Too much sun I suppose. I was pretty stoked that I got to meet the guys over at Zuriick Clothing . On top of being awesome dudes, they also hooked me up with a bunch of loot, one tee in particular has to be one of my favorite tees right now Another good thing about being in Salt Lake was that I got to meet all of the Skullcandy Crew which was pretty rad. They are all a pretty cool bunch, I actually think I got a bunch of stuff done while I was there the first day, the second not so much, they had a super cute temp receptionist come in that day... quite distracting.

RVCA recently put up a bunch of photos I shot on their website from their SAKURABAGOMI event on their site. The nite was really fun and its always good to see the gals from Mod Rocket when they are in town. I believe Lemonade Magazine is going to publish some of the photos which is pretty rad.

The RVCA San Fransisco store should be opening up soon, I'm really excited to see what it's like. Rich Jacobs moved up there recently, so that in itself is a prtty good reason to go up to the bay on top of the fact that RVCA is opening up a shop there.