Friday, July 20, 2007


So I'm out today with Skullcandy and LRG for LRG's annual photoshoot/party in NYC. It was pretty nuts. I was also excited today, because I got to pull out some new kicks I got from my pal Colin Bickley over at Pony .
They are pretty sweet, and pretty much one of my favorite pairs that I have gotten this year. Any way, I met up with Brad and Ben from Skullcandy over at some club down town where we met up Roxy Cottentail tell her about the LRG party. After a while of chilling at the club I had to get a bite to eat so I went over to the Ray's Pizza off of Broadway, to grab a slice and I happened to run into The Decemberists, which was pretty awesome as well as being random. Anyway, the next day, I first went over to LRG's NYC office to pick up some loot and then went to the location of where the shoot was, which was this pretty incredible 3 story penthouse with a pool on the top floor. I have no idea how many people were their, but all I know was that it was pretty packed, with about 200 people on the ground floor just trying to get in. Photographer Michael Greenberg shot this pretty funny pic of me that was on display on his wall of Polaroids. while I was there I got to hang out with some pretty rad guys like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Just Blaze, and Sirus radio dj, Lil' Shaun.

I'm not sure if I've ever had a larger craving for chocolate