Thursday, August 30, 2007


So actually went out tonite and actually had a pretty good time. I had a pretty greatt dinner over at the Bellagio with the Triumvir guys. We had the buffet, I know buffet's are all about the variety, but this one had tons and tons of different things. Everything was pretty good, but I would defiantly stay away from the buffalo meat. I found it to be really dry and tough. I was really into the desserts they had.

After that I made my way over to Jet, where they had the Vapors BPM party which was pretty cool, till one of my friends couldn't get in, so I decided to take off, because they were being pretty lame at the front door.

After that I met up with the Franco Shade dudes at the Hard Rock where Joe basically was giving every one gambling lessons. That only lasted for a while, and then we headed off to the Franco Shade Sky Loft at the MGM Grand. which was pretty amazing. This was really the greatest hotel room I have ever been in. The pictures I took of it really can't do it justice, and I really really wish I would have shot more. It had a kitchen, pool table, crazy bath tubs, a bar, and pretty much a flat screen television on every flat surface in the place. I really need to come back to this place one of these days when I can actually afford to do it. I think it is actually larger than my house come to think of it. I think I want to cry, I never should have left and I think Tue from Franco Shade is about to have the best nite of his life... or maybe the worst.