Sunday, August 26, 2007


So tomorrow I leave for Vegas. I really think it have been like my 8th time I have been out there this year. I don't know why Vegas has been such a hot spot for travel this year, but it seems like they are having alot more events out there that I am needed for than usual. I'm not really a Vegas guy at all, I don't drink, party, or gamble, so I think it's a little weird I get invited out there so often for shoots. Although this time, I'm not going out there to shoot, I'm just going to meet up with a bunch of clients as well as well as check out the gigantic LRG booth that will feature a bunch of photos that I shot for their up an coming lines.

Anyway, I pulled out this photo of Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, because I shot this earlier this year when I was out in Vegas with the Gym Class Heroes for their music video shoot for Clothes Off. So I thought since I'm leaving for Vegas it would be cool to debut a new photo from Vegas. Any way, it made sense in my head, not so much now that I am typing it all out.