Monday, August 13, 2007


Well, I really have to thank Marcus at Paul Frank for this one, being the homie that he is, and understanding that I am a complete weirdo and have been wearing the same style of sunglasses fro quite some time now, he really helped me out when I found out that they had stopped making my particular style. You see, I totally freaked out when her relayed the news to me and seeing that I was quite distraught, he put in a few calls and found a bunch so I should never have to go out and find new glasses ever again!

The look book that I just shot from triumvir
was just released, which is really cool. Bart and all the guys from the 530 media lab did a really great job of laying everything out. I'm not really sure whom they are distributing them out to, but I'm really glad I nabbed a couple of them. triumvir's Elvgren shirts are also coming out tomrrow, I got a chance to take a quick glimpse of them, and they look really great.

I normally don't really do head shots or anything like that, but on occasion, I have broken down to help out a friend, or an damsel in distress. Now, I don't really ever do them for free mind you, they always cost something. I may charge more, or have someone do something just a tad humiliating, it just depends on my mood. But, any way, I recently was asked to do some shots with a dear friend of mine, I of course considered it and eventually caved, but I did happen to walk away with this little gem of a photo, which to me made the day totally worth it.