Friday, August 24, 2007


Pony recently launch thier new website featuring a bunch of photos that I shot for them. Here is a screen grab that I got from their website showing off some photos of their collaboration they did with Neff Headwear. I was recently down at the offices in San Diego where I got to take a gander at some of the new stuff that they have going on. It's pretty exciting to be apart of the resurrection of a brand like this, being able to mix my ideas and my style with a brand that has alot of heritage and history is really interesting. I have really been interested in under takeing something like this, and everyone over there seems to really enjoy what I have been able to bring to the table. Most projects I have been apart of have been with companies that are relatively young Pony goes all they way back to 1972 so they got alot of years under themselves. I'm obviously not really into all the stuff that they have been apart of during the 90's, but under the new direction and with a new CEO Kevin Wulff, I couldn't resist. Kevin has been apart of some really great things in the athletic footwear industry, and he really seems to believe that I can offer the kind of images that it would take to help build this brand in the direction it needs to go.