Monday, August 6, 2007


So every once in a while here at photos ala quang instead of writting some boring stuff for about what we did today, or brag about what swag we just got from an event we went to, we'll post an email up and answer questions that people have for us. This one comes from Ashley Atlanta, lets see what inquiring minds want to know . . .

Dear Photos ala Quang,

My name is Ashley, and I read about all the places that you go to and shoot, but
I was just wondering if you do all the things that you say you do, where are all
the pictures, I never really see web updates on the site or anything, just curious,

Ashley Atlanta

Dear Ashley Atlanta,

We really appreciate the fact that you are an avid visitor of the site and we really do apologize
for the lack of updates. You see all of us here at Photos ala Quang have all sorts of different jobs and the only one here learned in the art of the construction of world wide web sites is The Mysitc.
The Mystic has been an extremely loyal employee for many uninterrupted years. So, we felt that it was time for him to take a vacation. So being that none of us really knows how to do what he does, we are just kind of have to wait for his return. We are not really sure what he is doing, but from what we understand is that he is vacationing somewhere in Africa. He says that he is having a good time, well, he said that he was having a REALLY good time, I'm not really sure what that means, but he did send us a few of his vacation photosmaybe you can make out what he means by that. But anyway Ashley, don't fret, updates are coming soon and they are going to be awesome.

I'm not really sure why he choose Africa, but from the photos he is quite close with all the tribes people. The Mystic is a super nice guy, I'm sure they all became really fast friends!