Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I recently shot an ad for the boys over at Franco Shade featuring film director Paul Allen Coy, who I actually just shot recently for an interview he was featured in on their website. It a pretty cool for Paul to come down for the shoot. Apprently there was tons of traffic on the freeway, it was taking people up to hours longer to get the the warehouse than normal. I was fortunate to be in the area chill'in with all the guys from Torsion going over the plans for their fall/holiday ad shoot. I'm reallu happy that Arlo and I are teaming up on this next series of Franco Shade ads, I think people are really going to like them, the concepts are really fun, and so far everyone is digging all the ideas that we have for them. The ads are going to be featured in a new magazine called Antenna that I have been hearing tons of good things about. I saw their first issue, and I was really really into it. So I am pretty happy that at least some of my work will be in it, even if it is for an ad. (Hopefully they are reading this, and they like my work and will get me to do stuff for them)