Friday, October 12, 2007


So, today I have a huge amount of stuff to do. First off, I have my first photoshoot with Luxirie the women's line from LRG. Which should be pretty fun. Shooting with everyone over at LRG is always really fun.

After that I've got to head over to Safari Sam's in Los Angeles to catch the KRK Ryden art show over there with Nu-tra preforming. I haven't seen KRK since his brother's tree show earlier this year. I think I haven't seen Vahe from Nu-tra since the KRK show at RVCA. KRK and I are working on some stuff for an upcoming issue if High Fructose magazine.

After all of this Pete is having another party over at the Fall Out Boy house, that I'm gonna head over to. So I've got a pretty large amount of stuff on my place today. I seriously don't know how I am able to get as much stuff done in a day as I do, and it really does feel overwhelming sometimes, it's pretty scary because this doesn't seem like it will ever let up.