Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So, with this ad marks my return to photographing for my homies at Franco Shade, I was on a hiatus from them for a few seasons, but now I am back and pretty excited to be. Joe pretty much gave Arlo and myself control over a bunch of the new shoots and well, its our job to make sure he regrets this decision. Look for this ad in the next issue of Antenna mag. This ad features the film director Paul Coy Allen who has worked with tons or Hollywood heavies in the music industry like Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. I shot with Paul last month, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with him again this month. The conversation is always interesting when you take someone that is was to beinging behind then camera and putting them in front of it.

I've gotta thank Joe and everyone at Franco again for hooking it up for me and babygirl the other nite and getting me into Universal Studios for their Halloween bash. I feel bad that they weren't that into it, but I had a pretty awesome time. I still think Knotts is scarier, but it's still pretty cool.