Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, I'm back from NYC and I've pretty much recovered from a week's worth of antics and shenanigans. I went out there pretty exhausted, and a came back even more. I have no idea what I was thinking when I told everyone that I was going to get some rest while I was out there. What I did happen to take care of was a bunch of business that I had to do while I was out there. The first thing I took care of out there was a bunch of paper work for Atlantic records so that my photos can be apart of the Gym Class Heroes rerelease of their album As Cruel As School Children. I was also asked to shoot Director/Art Curator and friend Aaron Rose for Huck Magazine. This is a snap shot of one of the locations we used. I recently had some photos published in most recent issue of their magazine of Kelsey Brookes.
The Heist Party was pretty crazy. It was a good chance for me to catch up with a ton of friends, Adrian (pictured here) was a gracious and lovely host as usual. I look forward to seeing him on his up and coming tour with Paramore. Ellie from the was out and about shooting away. Along with Bronx from and Jac Vanek. I think most of them have photos up online for people to see some of the tomfoolery.