Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today I had a photo shoot with DGK and Reebok Skater Stevie Williams for Skullcandy. Stevie was ridiculously nice and his dad who was at the shoot as well as really cool. I was really happy about the turn out, and I was really happy that it was on the street as opposed to the studio. I have been shooting a ton of in studio catalog stuff and it has really been bumming me out. So it was nice to be outside for the afternoon. It was cool to find out the Stevie was a fan of the show NBC Heroes, because my buddy James is on the show, I would have never thought he would be into it, but I thought that was pretty cool.

My pals over at Franco Shade and Dj's GMO and Dan Sena are putting on a pretty sweet Halloween Party over at the Detroit bar in Costa Mesa. I usually don't make it out to alot of stuff, but there are too many good things happening at this one, and I know way too many people working on this one to miss out. GMO and Dan have a regular night over at the Detroit called Busy Work, which is actually a pretty good night, tons of rad people go, and they have some pretty awesome bands come through and play. Earlier this month it was their night that Datarock came to play, and I also saw Har Mar Superstar and Modrocket play there after a RVCA party that they played.