Sunday, October 28, 2007


So I have officially been back from NYC for a week, and I still haven't recovered, I really have to thank Britney Revolver for not only taking care of me during my stay and showing me all of NY's hot spots like Queens, Bed-Sty, and of course the world famous Nathan's hot dogs! She went ever further by making sure that I wouldn't get lost while trekking through the city by coordinating outfits with me each day so that we would be easy to spot if we ever got lost in a crowd. You can see her elegantly photographed here by NYC's own Nicky Digital. As you can see we are both dress here in coordinateing grey and black stripes, except she of course being the thoughtful damsel she is decided to sew sequins into her top so that she would be a beacon of light if we were ever to be seperated. So thoughtful!